Genearting favicons from images

Favocon is a small command line utility I made for generating favicons from images. It is available on cargo, the Rust package registry.

favocon usage gif

Favicons are the little icon you see on the tab for a website.

Favicon files (.ico extension) contain one or more small icons inside of them. When they were invented they were useful because the same file could be used for a websites icon in the browser and a websites icon when saved to the desktop (something a lot more popular in 1999). Browsers today look for <link rel="icon" href="..."> tags in the HTML and support multiple file formats and sizes. However, they still fallback to a favicon.ico placed at the root of the website.

Generating these files can be a pain. I would normally have a single high quality icon I want to use, and somehow need to generate PNGs at multiple resolutions, an ICO file, and a site manifest file. I would often just Google “favicon generator” and use one of the top results, which don’t get me wrong, work really well. But I wanted something with less friction.

Favocon does just that. In its simplest usage just call favocon with a path to an image file. All the files you need will be saved to favocon/ and The HTML you should place in the head of your index.html file are output to the console.

The tool is free to use and open source on Github. Please feel free to contribute or create an issue if you think of any improvements.