My projects range from web and iOS apps, to dev tools and programming languages.


Some handpicked projects that I am most proud of

Bowtie Score keeping iOS app for card games
Chronicle Lightweight journaling app where you record highlights of your day
Tag Tester Test and edit your websites open graph metadata tags
Solis iOS app that shows you the times of sunrise, sunset, and twilight's
Quiztastic Web based multiplayer trivia game
Stck Minimal stack based esoteric programming language
LastFM Leaderboards Music leaderboards powered by


My smaller projects

smol.css Drop in CSS file for clean HTML pages
shortener Dead simple link shortener on my domain
favocon Command line utility for creating favicons from any image
krill Dynamic, curried, and minimal programming language
count.macro Babel macro for counting number of lines or words in files at compile time
obsidian vault parser Parser for the Obsidian note taking app
theme custom properties NPM package to convert a theme to CSS custom properties
vraw Small programming language for composing and drawing SVGs
cda Command line utility for creating and managing cd aliases.
gradient avatars Generate a gradient profile image based on some text